Free your Money!!

Are you fed up with traditional banks and investment options? Tired of paying commissions, hidden fees, obscure tax penalties, and wondering if your financial representatives are doing what's best for you? SimpleFund may be the answer that you are looking for!!

SimpleFund is just that....


...the simplest way to save, invest, and use your money the way that you want. With better than a bank security and the advantages of trading with a virtual commodity, growing your money with SimpleFund is easier than playing your favorite online games.

WTF is an Un-Bank?

We're glad that you asked. Un-Bank is a term to describe financial institutions and services that do not fall into the traditional categories of banks and investment houses. SimpleFund is the epitome of that. It is a financial service that is not reliant on a variable investment, that is not a bank account where your capital gets loaned out to others. It is a socially funded virtual exchange where you have the opportunity to grow your money the way you want.

A "debit" account that grows like a stock investment...

...and with none of the strings attached to either. The potential average annual return with SimpleFund can be 13% or more!! Yet there are no commissions, account fees, extra taxes, and hidden charges to reduce your return. That means that a 13% return is simply that, 13%. View our projections here.

SimpleFund is more transparent than a window!!

Unlike other institutions, SimpleFund account holders are not only be able to see how the fund is growing in real-time, but will know exactly how much income the company is making, and what it is being spent on. 


SimpleFund account holders will even play an integral part in all of our marketing efforts; most notably in our "SimpleFund Gives Back" campaign, where our CEO will personally deliver thousands each week to an individual in need selected by the SimpleFund Facebook Fanbase.